The global integrated networks managed by the Express operators generally include the following defining features:

Dedicated Transport Fleet. Most Express operators have a dedicated fleet of aircraft and ground vehicles which allows them to dictate their own operating schedule and retain greater oversight of shipment security and capacity.

Hubs. The Express industry generally operates around a hub-and-spoke system, with a large number of routes connecting through central hubs. This allows them to better utilize aircraft and trucks by consolidating shipments from different countries onto single flights, while still ensuring optimal transit times and fixed schedules.

Track & Trace. As individual shipments travel through an Express network, they are scanned at specific checkpoints. This allows the Express operators to monitor and manage the flow of shipments as well as provide customers with real-time visibility on the status of those shipments.

Customs Clearance. All Express operators integrate Customs Clearance services and the transfer of Customs information into their offering.