International Express transport is an industry worth in excess of €35bn.

Between 1992 and 2000, worldwide cargo rates for International Express grew by 300%.

Express supports a diverse range of industries; Time Definite delivery is particularly important for high value, high service, proposition or mission critical, time sensitive, secure or perishable products.

Express services are also at a premium in regions with infrastructure challenges such as Africa, and where individual, smaller consignments, such as samples, would incur a minimum rate charge or require consolidation with freight forwarders.

In the EU, integrators now carry over 54% of all intra-EU air cargo.

Air cargo represents only 2% of the weight of product moved but 35% of the value.

Express delivery is a separate, distinct industry segment from mail and postal services. Express shipments are not processed or delivered using postal technologies such as stamps and franking, or according to the conventions of the Universal Postal Union, with cargo passed on between national postal services at borders.

Express shipments are generally picked up by the carrier in country A and, in most cases, delivered by the same carrier through its own network in country B. Express also offers daily pick-ups whereas Air Freight shipments are dependent on cargo airlines’ schedules and capacities.